About Us

Prasun Mazumdar Design is an Art and Design studio, based out of New Delhi, India, specializing in Brand Identity, Design Consultation, and Illustration.

Our work is based on the understanding that design holds a huge amount of power – it could literally make or break a brand. That’s where we come in. Not only is it essential to clearly convey the brief we receive in the most efficient and visually attractive manner; but also to make sure that the brand establishes a significant, firm presence in it’s market that both attracts, as well as retains it’s prospective clientele.

Founded in 2010, Prasun Mazumdar Design has worked harmoniously with an incredibly diverse range of clients. From emerging start-ups launching themselves into the market, to established international brands including UNESCO, Lee Cooper, Mahindra&Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Samsung, and Lenskart, to name a few.

Comprised of a small team of designers, we work efficiently and in-sync with each other, independently figuring out every brand’s unique needs, and delivering them while working under a broad framework/process.

We begin by understanding the brief from the clients perspective and move on from there to decode the brief and add our analysis of the market to the discussion. This is followed by a period of ideation; the ideas from which are then groomed and chiselled to perfection. The chosen ideas (or directions, as we call them) are then visualized in the forms that we believe best represent their core.

PMD is a well-oiled machine, running on a mutual love for clean design, delivered well within deadlines, and, of course, chai.

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Our Team:

face1Prasun Mazumdar

A graduate in Communication Design from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Prasun also holds a diploma in fine arts from his home town,   Jamshedpur. Since childhood, he’s always been inspired by nature and it’s hidden mysteries. His strength lies in Illustration, Brand identity and Strategy Building. He plans to do more  art related work in the near future along with self initiated studio projects. He loves to cook and often goes out for solo bike rides.

sudarshanSudarshan Shaw 

Sudarshan works towards his quest for information and the vast rich history of the world as we know it today by trying to understand the natural world and reflecting it in his work. An illustrator and an avid sculptor, he graduated in Communication Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. Sudarshan’s innate love for wilderness shines through his work; with his graduation project winning an award for wildlife conservation through art.

apoorvApoorv Tyagi

Born and brought up in Meerut, Apoorv recently graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, with a specialization in Communication Design. When he isn’t drawing or painting, he can usually be found tossing a basketball, daydreaming about a variety of topics, or secretly eating his third lunch of the day. An extremely dedicated graphic designer and illustrator, Apoorv brings his daydreams to life through his intricate and gothic illustration style.

romikRomik Bose Mitra  

Romik is an illustrator/visual communication designer from Bangalore’s Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. An American born-Delhi raised-Bangalore bred-Bengali; Romik’s multi-cultural interactions have resulted in a twisted understanding of the world and how it works – he further dissects these notions through visual explorations of various kinds.


Noor Bains

A Visual Communication graduate from Raffles design Institute, Delhi. Noor’s work ethic follows an intuitive vs systematic approach of research and conceptualisation with a distinct focus on functional visual communication. She’s constantly pushing her creative boundaries to discover her creative purpose. She aims to make design meaningful and add a soul to her body of work.When she is not manipulating beziers(paths) or working on fun projects, you can find her travelling or engaging herself in conversation as she loves to talk.

smritiSmriti Jaiswal  

Smriti is a graphic designer with an inclination towards lettering and branding. She graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. Currently exploring dip pen calligraphy, she wishes to learn more in her journey of lettering. She enjoys playing uno, sudoku and collecting kids illustrated story books.

zRekha Didi (Support Staff)

From making sure the studio remains looking spotless day after day to cheerfully addressing all our endless chai requests. Rekha Didi enjoys keeping the garden lush green and assisting in the kitchen.

pmd web dpRam Bhaiya (Gardener)

Ram Bhaiya surprises us almost every single day with the creativity he displays through random installations in the garden. Not only does he ensure that PMD is nestled in green, diligently taking care of the large variety of plants in and around the studio; Ram takes inspiration from the creative aura of the space, and often comes up with very fascinating ideas and thoughts.


hChetan Singh Kunwar  

Graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi with specialisation in Fashion Communication. Chetan is a Calm Customer. You wont know if he has planned a kill and he even knows the vein that is to be attacked. This is the level of detailing he puts in his work. He has worked on multiple identities and played a key role while developing the visual language for various brands. Chetan is a quick learner. He loves travelling and likes to capture frames that amuse him.

xKavya Bagga  

Communication graduate from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore. Kavya is a enthusiastic young  designer who possesses an unique combination of marketing and creative skills. Her ability to the understand the future prospects for whatever brand she is working with. is spectacular. Which has always given her an extra edge. She enjoys food and can be often seen beating all of us at the studio in table tennis.

face22Rahul Sawnani  

Graduated from Pearl Academy, New Delhi with specialisation in Communication Design. Rahul is a compulsive thinker and soulful artist whose learning to appreciate graphic design everyday. Rahul dwells in details and his unconditional love for nature (which he is unaware of) not only makes him a sensitive designer, but gives him the ability to keep diverting from the norms. Outside of his professional design practice, Rahul likes to keep his creative juices flowing by doing intuitive side projects.

IMG_9658(1) 72

Rahul Sharma

Gradated from National Institute of fashion Technology,Delhi with specialisation in Fashion Communication. Rahul is a dedicated young designer, who loves exploring typography not just through pen, brush, tablet, but also in the 3 dimensional. His systematic approach to any design is his key to success. Developing the new visual language for Lee Cooper has been one of his recent projects. When he is not working design, he is pumping iron and challenging limits physically.

ySwati Shukla  

Graduated from National Institute of fashion Technology,Delhi with specialisation in Fashion Communication. Swati is a bundle of diverse qualities. A trained professional dancer, she has her own distinct way of looking at a design problem. Swati’s illustration and story telling ability got her the best graduation project at her college. Her graduation project was aimed towards Reviving the lost tradition of Gond art. Right now she is focusing more towards branding and typography related projects.

intern 1Sonal Singh  

Sonal is a Communication Design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. With a borderline OCD for perfection & presentation, Sonal loves to make things look beautiful. Her multi cultural background has got her variety of interests. She experiments with scenes in her daily life, mixing up the mundane by adding her personal touch to it. She has a thing for witty doodles and her passion for food is as strong as her love for anime. She likes to sketch and read in her free time.

intern 2Sneha Virmani  

Graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Sneha seeks to make an adventure out of any given assignment. She is an avid traveller and music enthusiast with an unabashed love for the hills. Her interaction with design is driven by there to always try something new. In the process of charting out new territories creative endeavours, she also wants to be a part of the largest music festival.