TYPOGRAPHY “for the love of music”

This album will have type treatment of songs we like, No matter what language it is, which era. A playlist that we love and will keep trying reflecting though something we do.

typo music 01

typo music 02

typo music 03

paradise city

wasted time

wasted time 00


Ligature | Branding Study, Research & Execution

Amidst the busy blue lanes of Jodhpur, during our way to Salawas, we crossed a local market where I picked up these small little souvenirs for my family. It’s almost one year now that I’m back from my Craft Cluster (an initiative by my institute, which provides a platform for us to study on field and understand the craft more deeply) and rediscovered them. One of them bombarded me with ideas and infused the idea of a sculpturing a barbing exercise around it.

It is an interesting holdermake out of wood. It’s amazing how the artisans there think in such a technical and aesthetic manner, the deformed wooden texture only adds up to the holder. Talking about technicality, the holder not only stands stable when you have to use it but also dismantles when not in use making it very user friendly. The whole concept of the holder depends on the principle of bond and linkage. That’s how I came up with the name for the holder – LIGATURE. Completely symmetric and organic in nature.

Ligature will surely catch your attention once you know about it. The thought behind the product is what amazed me and I ended up doing not just some collaterals but a lot of them.

00 Product views

01 logo

02 visiting cards

03 Vc and Envelope

04 box letter head

05 tags and pacakging

08 Grid View

SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I)

Anniversary Type + art

Each year on 1st of june we try to show our gratitude to all who are connected to our work by their support, hard work and also by being the critics.

Print Print anniversary 03

Creepy- Crawlies Typography

The keywords for this exercise were ‘creepy- crawlies’, ‘typography’ and ‘abstraction’. We wanted to derive initial letters out of insect and animal forms. The idea was to study the creatures’ forms, analyse them, visualize them as alphabets (abstraction) and then represent them keeping in mind the anatomy of the selected alphabet. The final vision was to achieve a typographical form that does justice to both the creature and the selected alphabet’s anatomies. – Manuja Singh Waldia.

Atlantis | Branding Study, Research & Execution

My feet were drenched in water and my eyes soaked in all the beauty of the place. I was no where else but in Bahamas. During my visit, I desired a place away from the city and closer to the sea. A much peaceful place to live in.
Next morning, I was sitting at the beach and relishing the moment when I discovered a small seashell touching my toes. It was quite beautiful, and reminded me of the Golden spiral which always inspires me in my design processes. I took it back and tried to bind it with my ideas of a healthy & happy life.
In two days what I had in my mind was “atlantis”. Atlantis, a company which will give peace and comfort to the tourists who seek for a blissful time. It also further branches out into three sub categories specifically for services like food & breverage , Health care & a Resort chain.


c d e





a visual exploration of capturing material metamorphosis. The ability of a fluid of capture any given space provided to it, has been tried to be captured here, to get the psych of liquids of different volatility.











Sometimes its just wired, you get inspired by a lot of things, you want to do a lot of things and you dont have a project which can give you any scope to do Typography. We never take such situations seriously, I am sure most of us we dont… 🙂 But rather use it to charm our selves… here are some explorations & the poster we did again to make ourselves happy when we were a year old.

pmd 01 pmd 02

pmd 03pmd 04

pmd 05

pmd 7

I saw the god being made…

I saw them putting together a bunch of dried grass-straw and tying them in places to ge the desired anatomy. Two kids by the side smashing clay, with hands & feet deeply laden with it and having the best time of their life. A small group is also not sure if our presence there is of any good to them…   Mr. Radhanath the head of the team is quite fine with all is going around..smiles at us coming the hair he is planning to put on one of the gods. We then saw them making the god. 

after two layers of coating... the top layer is essentially the ganga "black clay"
...their knowledge of Anatomy was just magical & enchanting to see...
I saw them doing at least 5-6 different styles of finishing, all by imagination...
Radhanath with his creation in the background...


Few frames of being “just like that” in the rain…

The New Batik

My calling it like “Batik” might not be liked by the fundamentalists but they are anyways not my concern. It does gives a feel of the art that makes you do a lot of effort and can never by substituted by anything. But this online application http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/scribblertoo/ is quite cool. helps us do something close.     Also wanted to share a book cover done, using the same tool + photoshop

How big is he…

Ehat we used: broken G.I.Joe , How many frames: three, To show what: Things are bigger than they seems.

Just a moment

I just tried visualising if its all gonna happen at all ever..! A glimpse of the earth when nearly all what we see around is just going to collapse, A man sits on the high railing of a high building.. sating all around as he might just do everyday, with a smoke in his hand, listening to Led zap.. Today,may be just a little more careless …    a crow sits with a seedling in the beak… trying to figure out “…who is gonna begin it this time?”

Spilled Correctly

.. a lazy sunday of rain, when things that might have bothered.. came out in the form of watercolors. One thing about water color that I would really like to mention is that, if you can keep the artwork young.. just like the way when you might have done it…                  you are done!