STUBBS is India’s first 5X filtered vodka by Craftsmith and it was supposed to be given the kind of positioning in the segment of vodka brands like none other, yet make it personable to the targeted customer segment. 

To create a storyline of being explorative to bring in the vibe of vodka consumption, Stubbs Vodka was given a backstory of being blended with the highest quality aged spirits made from the pure grains from the foothills of the Himalayas thus making it one of the finest in the market. Crafted by the master distillers at Craftsmith, the unique taste, and character of our spirit makes Stubbs a celebration of impeccable craftsmanship, unique storytelling, and intense self passion.
Using the major selling point of Stubbs Vodka as it is the  first brand to be three times distilled and goes through a 5x platinum filtration process making it the smoothest and finest premium vodka. The colossal flavor simplicity owes to the uncomplicated & simple union of aged grain spirit and purified Himalayan water thus making Stubbs the most extraordinary vodka of distinct taste and character.
In its entirety, Stubbs Vodka could be summarized as the austere neutrality of something as pure as a snowflake is what adds to the distinctive character of this 5X platinum filtered premium Vodka. With balanced notes of smoothness on the palate, unburdened by the alcoholic heat, it is a classic spirit for connoisseurs of drinks on the rock and cocktail lovers alike.
For a brand like STUBBS, mockup generation was crucial. We had to create a digital representation of what the product meant and stood for. We teamed up with @rohitbhong and his team for a combined effort to generate 3D art of the bottles, which were created with a vision to stand out from the rest of the products available in the market.
We also created their website to round off the brand experience as it was ideated for the customer to experience the brand and the product.