ABW Group

ABW Group is a leading real estate company in the NCR region, primarily into high-end Corporate & Commercial projects. We have designed the entire brand identity for them, We worked together close to bring about the essence of the work not just via physical means but also to put across the very idea of “construction & growth with happiness” in the entire branding. We started with their logo, then print collaterals, environmental graphics, corporate presentations, advertisements and the Website (Though the current website of ABW is not the one we did).

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The corporate office of ABW is situated at the ABWTower. We worked on the interiors of ABWTower. The new logotype for ABWTOWER was designed first and then we tried to incorporate the idea of space in our branding system and generated the designs for environmental graphics. In the second phase the graphics for the entrance to the building & one of the entrance for the 2nd floor office space were designed, we added a new dimension there in the form of colors. So far it was all monochrome.



For the interiors of the meeting rooms, we created foliage representation with the help of equipments used in the construction business. The idea was to show amalgamation,  a common existence and mutual growth. We got the execution done via die cut on steel. Apart from these we also did a lot of external & internal promotional, gift items like New Year Cards, staff uniforms, etc.