Alo Frut is a well-known Indian brand that makes a variety of FMCG products. The brand defines itself with the usage of aloe vera in its products, which is their USP. They approached us for the packaging design of a new product line called Alo Frut Mocktails, a 0% alcohol beverage with four different exciting flavors. At first, the packaging design of the can was created in isolation. But as the project grew, we were offered to redesign the brand language for communication as well. As we worked upon the visual language of the can, we started figuring out the elements that will help us create a varied, exciting and an adaptable brand language. The design language for Alo Frut Mocktails was created keeping in mind the natural fruits and freshness aspect of the brand. We created a logotype for the product verticals as well. The challenge was to communicate and focus upon the versatility of the drink, which could be had as a refreshment during the day, or also as a beverage for social gatherings like parties at night. As a solution, we came up with an idea of the usage of a 2 colour system which represents the daytime and nighttime consumption of the drink. This language translated into their online as well as offline communication to promote the drinks.

Since the creation of the visual language for Mocktails perfectly fits their brand, they approached us to do the same for their famous Juices product line. A similar system was created, with the focus on the USP of Aloe Vera in the juices. This system has allowed us to create a seamless transition of the design language from the Mocktails to the Juices brand. While we worked on the project, Alo Frut roped in Shikhar Dhawan and Parineeta Chopra as the brand ambassadors for both the product ranges, for the entire 360-degree media experience which translated into online, offline and brand communication.