As the name suggests Aqualens is a contact lens brand, introduced by the market giant Lenskart. Aqualens contact lenses are specially developed using the latest technologies to keep our vision intact without letting our eyes feel burnt for it. Aqualens brings us monthly disposable lenses to give regular care to our eyes. The brand has been designed keeping these core USPs in mind to not only distinguish every product from each other but also maintaining its consistency. Aqualens being a relevant brand, understand the user’s day to day life, schedule and working ours to constantly evolving its products and also giving rise to variants that are just the best solution to a particular set of people. With such a massive product range it covers almost all kinds of the working class of people who needs lenses today.

We started with the branding and following the story of its evolution, The symbol “fish” which is the brand career across all product li=nes, the logotype is also designed with a keep eye to detail. Making even the logotype symbolic to the brand. The fluid feel of the visual language goes well with the target group and also gives enough dynamic feel to the branding to create sub brands and a long-range of SKUs.