Elixir Shop is a wellness-brand dealing in skin, hair, and body care products – Their products are a 100% natural, have a chemical-free range, and also feature a unique blend of essential oils; making them a brand that focuses on a pure, transparent image that will make clients feel comfortable and at home using their products. We were approached to re-brand their entire product line, creating a unique brand identity system that accurately captures the simplistic, soft feel of the company – and to eventually translate this identity into new packaging design for all of their products – as the packaging is the most visible, and therefore most vital usage of the brand vocabulary that we established.

Lotus was the inspiration for their earlier logo as well. Our challenge was to keep the same concept of a lotus, and create a unique looking logo that will have a modern aesthetics working along with the rest of the design philosophy. The lotus symbol created is one continuous line, with cuts made strategically on places to give a flat yet three dimensional feel, the resultant shape is one single piece which makes it an ideal shape for embossing. We did a hand-drawn logotype with a fair amount of attention to detail, keeping it simple and pure nature of the brand in mind. The entire brand identity system is planned around the strategy of brand placement keeping in mind the target group. We also focused on the future perspective of the marketing goals of each product range and structured the colour system to identify various categories of the products, and a brand identity that holds well all of these categories together, hence providing a very strong visual vocabulary.
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