Flaberry is one of the first online flower and boutique delivery company/system in our country. Strategy wise moving head to head with one of the market leaders, Flaberry has ideas that might crack a new horizon for the brand and make it a No. 1 online Flower solution. Flaberry’s strength is its ability to get any kind of flower for its client, be it from India or abroad. and secondly a unique design team. The design team deal with just flower arrangements, and

Like similar online services, it has options to make combos with cards, chocolates, cakes. But The USP of the brand is Flowers and they want to stick to this uniqueness, so not providing more than 10% to any complimentary services. They are one of the leading & trusted Online florists delivering across India.

Since the brand wanted to become a household name for its flower services we have worked out a few very key aspects of the strategy to do so. Apart from doing a branding that would look modern, easy, fun, and adaptable design language. The idea is to be easy and communicative but be straight and relevant in the approach. Our idea of Karts added a few dimension to the business and we also plan to take things ahead to pierce through all possible target group