Brand concept: The idea of the word “flow” is universal and ever-existing. The only constant that we understand is the change, and all the change that happens organically has a FLOW.
Flow’s visual language has to be very new yet not too aligned to any style, in particular, We want the Logotype to adapt all features we want in the brand personality We have to look different than anything the TG has seen in the post covid world The fear, that pushes the TG to go “only to known” places shall break The Branding needs to create that curiosity and “happiness” It just can’t look run of the mill The flow needs to look not just flowing, but also need to inspire “the idea of flow”

Logo concept: The idea is to make something that not just visually flows through, but also makes the overall adaptation really easy and fluid. One key aspect is that it is not just “running handwriting” it is a continuous and one single line. No need to mention, it is a 100% hand-lettered logotype. This idea is planned, keeping the overall promotion of the brand, and what will attract the TG to our space.
A quirky copy, or a brilliant artwork, might not generate the kind of curiosity this could. As we will simply be putting the brand name (with other smaller information), in various styles to generate curiosity, excitement and its own niche. Something not very unique.

Mascot Concept: When we started brainstorming about the mascot, the first question was “what explains the idea of flow naturally?” The first set of ideas are shapeless, not characters but forms that express the idea of flow. Like, as the flow of water, drapes, lines to show airflow, etc. These might be poetic in nature but we need something that the audience can connect to, easily. The second sets were forms and shapes that have names, but even they are not as memorable and easy for the audience to just see and know, and connect to. Like: A golden spiral or a Sign of infinity. Then we finally came to the very defined space for the mascot, maybe an animal, a bird, a flower, or an object. We Choose “Octopus” Why Octopus? Well, it is the most adaptable, intelligent, shapeshifter, there is a sense of mystery to it and yet most of us know about it. As a mascot it is unique and if can be presented in a unique quirky way, can look really likeable the best thing is It changes itself, with time & feel, just like FLOW

Artworks: Understanding the requirements of the space, in terms of visual aesthetics and interior design, we developed a line of artwork for two stretches of walls.
One leads the audience inside and the other stretch leads the audience towards the outer seating area. The idea was to create something that looks like art/painting but also communicates the brand in a modern way, which helped us come up with something edgy and new.

Beer Labels: For the first time in Delhi+NCR, Flow offers its consumers eight different types of curated flavours. These eight flavours were curated, in collaboration with The brewmaster with Flow team and our core team for a long period of 6 months to understand and estimate the likeness with the audience’s likes and dislikes, The supply of ingredients, brew time, and then of course the yeast, and finally, we came up with these 8 beers to offer.