The Harvest Room is a premium vegan home- styled meal delivery service which caters to the authentic vegans in Delhi. The aim is to bring curated plant-based menus to our customer’s tables.

The Illustrations give softness and warmth to brand Language. The illustration along with the soothing and organic color palette has been used dynamically to form the design language. This infused with elegant layout and minimal approach makes the the Brand identity – Easy, Modern, Cozy and Welcoming.

The colors used in Illustration and other elements throughout the brand are also Indicative of naturally occurring process and gives the overall brand a homely feel to it. This further suggest the homegrown ingredients and other natural things associated with the brand. This makes the Brand image – Chic, Warm and Delightful.

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The Illustrations are digitally hand drawn on Photoshop. The feel and the image of the brand has been taken into consideration so it’s better suited to fit the overall brand language.

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