Hercules – Global Sarl is a Senegal based Company that is focusing on a better tomorrow. The core idea of the brand is to generate fuel from recycling materials and also to work towards the upliftment of Senegal.

They came up to us with a clear motive for their branding and overall communication structure, with these core values in mind. After going through several options we found the right balance of the brand value and visual attention that we needed for the brand. The Idea of the lion comes from the “National Animal” of Senegal and the Story of Hercules. We tried to bring a modern vent through the colours and clean crisp design language. The logotype is custom made.

We are working with the group on several communications that the brand wants to make for the people of Senegal and also helping them with their product’s outlook and feel and the marketing of the same.
The Brand is looking at social responsibilities in Senegal as well, where we are helping them with communication.