Surya Exports was born in the year 1988 and with it a mission dawned; ‘To take India’s rich handicrafts and textile traditions to people the world over.’ House This one of its main brand, other than the “tree of life” deals with mainly home furnishing products. They divide their collection via design style and inspiration and segregate them under four broad categories, namely: classic, nature, abstract and art.

We rebranded House This. We started with conceptualising the various sub divisions and understanding the target group. We did the logo first and subsequently the symbols for the sub divisions. The idea was to get a modern look without losing the Indian feel of the brand. We had a lot of constructive brain storming sessions with the client and finally we came up with something that satisfied our visual as well as functional quest. House This logotype is a redrawn version of font called “sans”, we gave some humanist touch to few of the letters. The symbol seeks inspiration from the idea of material, spiritual and emotional being together that makes a house complete. In the sub brands the ideas are rather direct.





SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I)


We have designed their website, for better user experience for online shopping. With a great no. of brands selling online we wanted to create a experience in terms of both interaction as well as easy. There are sections where people can even share their ways to doing up their house.  The programming is on its way, soon can be experienced.






The branding exercise was done taking into consideration the future aspects and areas of expansion of the brand. House this right now does sell through a lot of collective home furnishing stores, but we have conceptualised and designed the space for their up coming stand-alone stores in 2014. We also designed their quarterly brochure, Diwali leaflet.