The Indie18 team did their initial market research about the product type, placement, ways of distribution, brand name, and the overall brand arch when Rahul Singh, one of the key promoters of the brand and also the owner of Beer Cafe, approached us to create a holistic branding for Indie18. What was missing was a Brand Story and an overall Brand Philosophy.

In the current times where the country is densely populated with craft beer. Rahul envisioned an industrial product, with the right ingredients and “consistency”. A proper brand with designer flavors, with the macro understanding of each Flavour’s own Target Group. This vision then helped us create the visuals and vocabulary for the brand, and 360-degree brand identity was created for Indie18. We started with the identity and extended the brand language to how the brand would like to represent itself in Rock shows or any such collaborations. The Client wanted a Modern-Classic approach to the branding, which has a youthful look and yet can appeal to a wide age range audience. The design is minimalist and modern.

After numerous brainstorming sessions, we finally came with the overall Brand Purpose & Philosophy: Indie18 is a celebration of You- Independent and Unaffiliated. At 18 you make your own indie – to relate, bond, and share. Release your bounds from what was given to you, and Redefine Your Spirit of 18, then and forever. 18 for Life!

The hexagonal shapes that are a part of the language, represent the ‘bond’ or ‘group’ which represents the communal bonding that takes place over a drink. Each type/flavor of the beer is represented by hexagonal icons, with hexagonal elements that are inspired by nature. The design for the label is created to best suit the limits of the dimension that has been provided by the factories. The branding is also present on the cap, which is biodegradable. We went through the process of the beer till it is served, which also made us think of the design of the Tap structure, and how the tap/draft will be served. We added a special ink, embossed brand tagline, “18 for life”(a unit was developed for the same) to the base of the beer mug. It’s a way to prick the specially made, industrial consistent smooth quality beer to emit bubbles while you consume it.

Indie18 is brewed using the iconic Columbus hops from Orbigo River Valley in Spain. It features a punchy hoppiness and deep, pensive aroma with undertoned citrusy notes. Indie18’s brewery is a member of associations such as ANFABRA (National Association of Refreshing Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturers) and APCV (Portuguese Association of Beer Manufacturers). Indie18 uses the purest water from the Iberian Peninsula.