The International Science and Evidence-based Education (ISEE) Assessment is an initiative of the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), conceived as its contribution to the Futures of Education process launched by UNESCO Paris in September 2019. In order to contribute to re-envisioning the future of education with a science and evidence-based report, UNESCO MGIEP embarked on an ambitious project of the first-ever large-scale assessment of the knowledge on education.”Reimagining Education The International Science and Evidence-based Education (ISEE) Assessment”

A couple of years back, we were approached by the UNESCO MGIEP team to do the logo/ identity for ISEE, which was done and in use. Last year we were approached to share the whole thought process of “Reimagining Education The International Science and Evidence-based Education (ISEE) Assessment ” and how the documentation of this huge thesis can be put across to its audience.
After much discussion and thorough understanding, we devised two key things which were apportioned and used in the process of designing this publication. A. to divide the whole research and evidence into 4 subgroups. and B. They need to have more than just the textural description, each one of them must have a visual depiction, an abstract scene of a process, a story that reflects the same energy, freedom of thought and also the

For, A. The Division of the full publication into four was a major step. The four divisions then stand as 1. Education & Human Flourishing, 2. Education & Context, 3. Education & the Learning Experience and 4. Education – Data and Evidence. They were colour-coded and also have a visual narration of the idea in an abstract way, which brings us to part B. which was to illustrate the 4 stages into 4 very complete structures in themselves, but just like the whole concept of ISEE, we kept the visual narration not too cliche and took a more meditative and mind journey kind of narration.

The four parts of the story as described below:
Artwork 01: Exploring the possibilities, from your ecosystem.
The Being is excited and happily surprised to receive so much positive energy and learn from its surroundings. All it concentrates on is to receive it. And slowly all of it starts making sense// forming shape. Still lucid, but now a form, A form that is ever-evolving and the being is discovering new nuances every moment in it.

Artwork 02: The Need to take it to a Better space, to throw light to more people, to share.
The being, take it this newly achieved knowledge to places, in the process the being evolves itself and while it is growing the form grows further as well. The being realises, Sharing is always two ways, when you give, you get something in return if you are open and accepting.

Artwork 03: The idea to make it a process, After all, process is what matters, It needs to be part of a “structure”
The being reaches the pool of knowledge and looks for the Meta Lotus. Lotus represents art, design, mathematics, structural genius and methodology
Thousands of luminations leave the lotus, after being enlightened with some or other kind of knowledge. The Being gentle slides the evolving ball of knowledge into the meta lotus.
The Lotus and the ball of knowledge becomes a seamless force to the awakening of knowledge.

Artwork 04: The idea of “when you give// you also receive”, the universe is watching. comes into play.
The being transforms into a MetaBeing. All wisdom, all acceptance. A new beginning a new source of knowledge.

The rest of the publication and layout design was taken care of with various visual tools of publication design that help us create a great system design for the layouts to adapt to change and also communicate in the best possible way. We also designed a case to keep all four books together, along with the summery and highlights. We also designed a few promotional collaterals, like standees, leaflets and flyers, for the international launch of the publication.