Joo!C stands out among other brands as it gives one of the best beverage solutions, acting as a full range supplier in the bubble of fruit based drinks, ranging from concentrates to juices. A pulpy fruit juice brand, it appears as funky and goofy but doesn’t compromise on authentication and natural aspect and doesn’t struggle to identify as a pure, ready to drink juice brand. Joo!C also has a wide portfolio of different fruits being incorporated naturally. The spectrum ranges from locally known food to some little more exotic category, which combined with the brand identity created by us provides the brand a very varied but consistent, clean, fun and playful look.

The word Joo!C is very evidently inspired by the name ‘juicy’ which is a very straightforward adjective, more so for a brand selling juice. Very familiar and direct in its pronunciation and very different in our iteration when it’s spelled out, it surely creates a unique space for itself and would resonate with its consumers more easily.

The logo is formed by rounded shapes that evoke joy and playfulness. All these forms are thus treated in a grid to appear of the same strength and so each form can stand out without disrupting the harmony of the logo unit. The two O’s are put very closely to each other to make it look like fruits, accompanied by two small leaves.

The label for each fruit is naturally inspired by the fruit color and its vibe. The varied colors are not interfered by the consistent brand language and have been used in a way to create an overall harmony throughout the brand language. None of the colors have any value of K so that the black and white label on the logo pops out.