Kilburn is an Indian Luxury Whisky by Craftsmith. A blend of aged malts and the finest Indian grain spirits, we positioned Kilburn in the premium luxury whisky category. Due to its timeless taste, a brand story was created around the “concept of Time”. Since time cannot be heard, felt or tasted yet has the strongest influence in our way of living, the idea seemed to fit the ageless approach for the brand. The story led to Kilburn becoming a¬†product of parallel consciousness, and Craftsmith, the parent brand, a timelord that had a knowledge of fluids that retrieved him to visit our timeline, and sheltered in a hamlet named Kilburn. This story led to the tagline, ‘The Taste of Time’.

As the brand story is related to time, the label and packaging design was created with a simple yet elegant visualization of parallel universes. This concept is also strongly seen in the logo of ‘Kilburn’. Our main focus was to display the qualities of richness and elegance both verbally and visually. The Burgundy of Classic (flavor) and the Prussian Blue of Platinum(flavor) used for the packaging signifies the luxurious aspect of Kilburn. The gold-foiling and embossing printing techniques, on uncultured paper instead of the routine metpets, bring the whole packaging tactile feel to a new level. We collaborated with Rohit Bhongle for the task of creating 3D visualizations and digital images of the bottle and the labels that gave the brand a larger-than-life feel. Even though we hit a space that has a lot of Indian products in the market, we made sure that our modern & edgy look & feel and a few audacious decisions, helped the product look,¬† one of its kind.