Lenskart _ Sub – brands

Lenskart Blu is a sub-brand under Lenskart, that promotes the use of lenses that reflect harmful blue rays from smartphones and other electronic devices, protecting the eyes from strain, insomnia, and dry eyes. The brand offers “screentime lenses” that protect the eyes of any active screen user of laptops, monitors, or smartphones. We came up with the by-line “smartphone lenses”  for the sub-brand to target a larger contingent of the audience. Being the futuristic brand that they are, we made sure that the Lenskart Blu brand language is clean, simple, and to-the-point. Using tints and shades of the colour blue, and through various interesting and yet easy-to-understand layouts, we built a brand that appeals to today’s digitally active lifestyle and becomes a quick, easy decision for a majority of the market. 1animation-logo-final





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Since it is a sub-brand, we ensured that a lot of the collaterals that we did for Blu could be easily traced back to the Lenskart brand we built, to maintain familiarity and trust. Beginning with the boxes and cases, their various touchpoints, to in-store collaterals, we added the Lenskart Blu brand language to familiar layouts; and managed to create a unique space for the brand while still not entirely removing the connection to its parent- brand.

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For the stores, it is important to have a visual appeal for the sub-brand, we have designed teeshirts and badges for the sales team who are entrusted with the sale of blu and also helped create a demo unit for customers to get a better understanding of the purpose behind the lenses. The Blu Demo Unit is a roughly 1×1 foot structure, which is sleek to look at, and works from any side (keeping in mind the space constraint in any store). The Unit allows the customer to see the difference between various lenses, and how the Blu lenses are efficient in saving your pupil from the rays coming out of your devices. This product conceptualizing took a considerable amount of time, and has since become one of the best sales tools for the brand across all their stores. We took it one step further than just making blind promises, by literally showing the customer the product in action. Since the unit is interactive, a store visitor can actually do the test themselves and watch the difference in the lenses.






Watch the Lenkart BLU commercial :

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AIR is another such sub-brand under Lenskart and has a very prominent clientele. AIR is not about the lenses; it focusses on the frames – with a USP of being extremely lightweight. Made for regular users, who are active, young, and on the move; AIR offers light, flexible frames which minimize the possibility of physical damage. We coined the byline “lightweight frames” to make it further stand out to the brand’s busy clientele, making it a quick, easy decision. Since it’s launch, it has been successfully working as a concept; and we have now started exploring tributaries of this sub-brand; like Air Flex, Air Fit, etc.


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Gold is more of a membership club than a sub-brand – providing members with a variety of deals and offers. There are various other verticals of the main Lenskart brand that we are now trying to work out as part of a cohesive system. We are also working on simplifying the Lenskart web experience, which happens to be one of the most important components of the brand’s outreach.