The idea of Little Shelf has its inception from the ‘little shelf’ that families have at their home for kids. Kids, when introduced to books, can develop a love for reading at a very early age. This implies growth in curiosity and that further leads to growth in the collection on that little shelf. To make sure your little one’s collection is delightful, ‘Little Shelf’ was created to show them the bright and colourful world that exists within the pages of a book and lose oneself for a while in a beautiful, imaginary and wonderful place before getting back to reality. There is always a lot to learn from books – words, language, thoughts, experiences. Through the curated box by ‘Little Shelf,’ all these can be shared with future generation in the hope of making the world an extension of a little shelf – a cheerful place that holds wonderful thoughts.

Little Shelf’s brand language is light, fun and playful. Using primary colours, along with some vibrant colour variations, we built a brand that looks playful and also evokes curiosity among the kids. It also appeals to parents as Little Shelf provide quality books that are not easy to find. Since ‘Little Shelf’ doesn’t support the use and throw attitude towards children’s books, the brand language helps to make the collection memorable and make both parents and kids to keep the books forever.

The boxes are divided into the following categories :

0-3years: board, cloth books, toys

3-5years: storybooks to be enjoyed with parents

5+years: Books kids can read on their own

Little shelf is serviceable as a subscription model which offer different options for the customer to choose from. The constant communication and feedback from the consumer help the brand understand the requirement for the child to give them a more personalised experience during the time period of the subscription. The contents of the kit are then curated using the understanding of the possible progression of cognitive skills and emotional understanding of the child.

The box contains things like books, puzzle games, sudoku, action figures, toys and so on.












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