MuktiGold is an Ayurvedic cosmetic brand with a variety of products for Face, Body, and Hair Care. A trusted sub-brand of Axiom Ayurveda, we were approached to re-brand MuktiGold, to transform it from its traditional look to a modern approach, and to create a packaging design system for the entire product line of shampoos, conditioners, face and body washes, aloe vera gels etc. The challenge was to create a system design that is modern and at the same time, shows the ayurvedic ingredients present in the products. To understand the other products in the same sector, we did a market survey and a comparative analysis across the market sections to understand the visual attraction of different products on the shelves in the stores at a minimum of 3 mt distance. Based on the study, a system was designed and the overall visual elements were decided. Gradients were used as the main element of the system design, with different colors representing different ingredients. The ayurvedic ingredients are also directly represented through images on the label design, which makes it easily recognisable. The gradient provides a clean and contemporary feel, with the structure being able to be scaled or transformed into any size, with the space for images to be interchanged on the top portion of the label. This makes it easy to add new products to the existing system as well.