Omega Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of Steel Bars in Sudan. Built on the values of reliability and quality, Omega Steel has become one of the most trusted suppliers to the construction industry in Sudan. With a production capacity of over 350 MT per day, Omega Steel can provide consistent and dependable supply for your projects.

Run by an international team of professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 300 years in the metals manufacturing industry, and backed by Italian steelmaking technology, Omega Steel manufactures quality steel that is compliant not only with Sudanese standards, but also with British and Indian standards. Given our management’s rich experience in specialised steelmaking in India and in other parts of Africa, we bring world-class levels of service and quality to Sudan. We are one of Sudan’s few integrated manufacturers – with full control over the steelmaking process – right from scrap up to finished products. Our melt-shop allows us to monitor chemistry and quality from the beginning up to the end.”

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Our Perspective:
” To do a rebranding, that too for a company, which is running successfully for a decade. We started brainstorming from the core value of the brand that says ” strength & safety”. We started with the research on the icon, and the logotype. and after a rigorous work of 3 – 4 weeks we came to the final form. The ask was to give a new form, yet retaining the old face value and also live up to the mark of being a known brand”

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