The seed, so tiny and humble, is a powerful metaphor. The entire tree is contained in the seed, but equally true is that the entire forest is contained in the seed since a single tree can give rise to countless others. “Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.” The idea is that thoughts are the seeds that give rise to actions, habits, and character. The fully-grown tree is no more perfect than the seed. The seed and tree are just at different stages of development.

The Oneseed group is determined to improving the standard of life of the communities they sell their products and offer services in. In order to achieve their purpose, they strive for global and leadership competitiveness in their operating business sectors. Furthermore, Oneseed believes in giving back to society by what they earn, which in return creates customer trust along with the trust of employees, shareholders, and the community.

We were approached by the Consulting team YME and briefed about the whole ecosystem of the brand OneSeed. Rebranding is always tougher than branding, as you need to set in a few things that the brand has been communicating and device something that is new and yet not takes away from the charm the older feel has created, over a period of 5 decades.

We started with our initial derivation of forms from the whole idea of the group, which says the Jungle is living inside one seed and one seed is the entire jungle. We expanded that thought as we kept defining each part of their communication and establish an overall brand vocabulary for the brand, starting from the logo to outdoor communication to show the adaptative nature of the branding and how it carries the brand language into its individual sectors or sub-brands.