Panchamrit is an ayurvedic supplement company that seeks to bring the benefits of active ayurveda into everyday life.

The Brand came up with a clear motive for their branding and overall communication structure, for panchamrit, we wanted to go more than the idea of 5 (since the name is Pancha-Amrit) or symbolise with just a “nature representation”, like a leaf. We wanted to churn the idea of the product. which strongly speaks about the “science of nature” The core concept of Amrit. A shape or form that will collaborate with the idea of nature and how significantly it can be reinterred or reimagined.

After much brainstorming, we based our idea on the idea of CYMATICS. To combine nature and science and churn the Amrit.

With the understanding of the usage of the branding elements, we understood that the logotype holds a lot of importance. The hand-drawn logotype was designed keeping the overall concept in mind. Later we also developed the Hindi letter “p” which was done to make a bridge between the two major client types.

The brand planned to develop various lines of products. The idea is to make “the scientific knowledge of the natural world available easy to you” literally on your tabletop. In the form of ready-to-use delectables, like teas, herbal infusions, effervescent tablets, gummies and melting strips. The design language was developed keeping in mind this dynamic range and the kind of communication we wanted to put across.

Since the product is a D2C product with the market opening back after covid, also forced the brand to think in B2C and Retail. The moment it turns out to be an FMCG product the packaging was something very important to be seen from all sides and also how to translate the message in the retail environment and the safe to reflect through our website. The website design was a step-wise process with each factor being tested through the lens of retail experience as well as the D2C adaptability of the same.

With the Brand taking newer steps and working on structuring a bigger and more holistic product architecture, we are helping them make a design system to adapt all new verticals and products under each of them.