Pandemics: Past, Present, Future

Pandemics: Past, Present, Future is a publication design created for UNESCO MGIEP  in collaboration with the PMO, Government of India. We received a document of extensive research on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in India, divided in the form of 17 seventeen questions. The long-form answers are the knowledge bank and information for the target audience. For the question-answer format, a colour-coding system was used, to distinguish one answer from the other. We also took the freedom to express the question very creatively. The visual code which was the idea of making collages, emerged very organically from the whole “pandemic situation”, where the entire world was figuring out and creating the best possible solution with what was accessible to them. The collage style was a reflection of the state of mind the entire world was going through with the unpredictability of the events taking place, and the resilience of humans to find a way to emerge from the same. Each artwork for all seventeen questions was done by thoroughly understanding the respective question and what the answers would also reflect. We took an experimental approach for the typography of the questions, balanced out by the clean & structured layouts of the answers.

Detailed infographics were created for the easy viewing of data statistics provided. A colour block panel denotes the beginning of each answer, with important text highlighted through pull-out quotes. Images, which were also colour-coded according to the sections, are interspersed with infographic visuals of icons, bar graphs, tables, flowcharts and maps. The goal was to pay attention to details to communicate the data to the viewer effectively while making the layouts visually engaging. The publication design was well-received globally and has brought in a new era of publication design for the brand, of presenting extensive research with visual appeal and creative experimentation of data.