Presenting the first packaged smoothie brand to be retailed in the country, Smuze.
Unlike options currently available in the market, this smoothie is made entirely out of fruit juices, without any milk products and artificial sweeteners. A key property to guide the visual language for the brand.

For their release in India, the communication framework had to start from scratch. We brainstormed a unique name which would effectively convey the product’s highlights. The name “Smuze” was coined for a refreshing and filling beverage which one can grab on-the-go in their active lifestyle.

The logotype shapes rounded sans-serif typeface in small captions, the alphabet ‘u’ turns into an affirming smile. Composite copy has been used across the dynamic and playful brand language for print and digital mediums. Together they effectively communicate an overall friendly appeal of the brand. With the variety of flavours offered by the product, our visual language also extended to play around within each of these with different units within a flavour.

We worked closely with the production team to develop the appearance and shape and size of the bottle The smile symbol from the logo imprinted on the bottle caps adds more nuances to build recognition of the brand in a retail arrangement, while the attractive bottles can be spotted from a farther distance. A website curating engaging content and communication has also been developed for Smuze along with developing a marketing strategy for the product. We have also been strongly involved in art directing the marketing for the brand for its further strategy for communication online and on-ground.

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