Thirsty is a 100% 1st beverage delivery model working in India. The team of highly professional mixologists and taste makers from Indian HORECA industry came together to form the brand.┬áThis brand is an amalgamation of all fun loving beverages. The main aim was to create a brand which caters beverages of varied origins differing from the process to the finished product. It’s prime categories are that of- readymade and fresh. Under this two categories of processing, the beverages were subdivide as;

Mock tails, Smoothies, Coolers & Shakes.


The logo was designed keeping the idea of varied beverages as club concept in mind.

To further differentiate the variants on a design note, stickers were created to keep the distinction just not in term of the color palette, but also the texture tactility of the design



The collaterals below are showcased to exhibit the expansive nature of the brands