TREK is an inspiring story of planning the establishment of a Rum brand in India, which is deeply rooted in holding onto its forefather brands. The team at Craftsmift, the makers of TREK, took all possible steps both fundamentally and communicative about how the product and the brand will be positioned.

We came into the picture at a very early stage when the project was conceived. The product being an all-season rum, is available for 360 days offering itself to be consumed in the OG form and the best of concoctions. This gave us the personality of the brand which made us think, move and understand how wholesome the idea of travel of both mind and body is when we coined the name TREK. The name TREK was chosen based on the idea of the brand being “wholesome”.

This very idea helped us create an overall theme for the label & the monocarton. The look & overall imagery was planned in a way to keep the tagline in mind. We wanted something very broad as the product descriptor to cover our communication approach aptly and hence the tagline was also made keeping the same brand alignment and personality in mind. We came up with “To explore” as the tagline. Initially many members of the core team evaluated this as an incomplete line, but the idea that “what to explore” is not being told, is the whole idea of exploring. We roped in the 3d Artist for a few key renditions that we thought will be necessary for the initial launch. @rohitbhong did a great job of getting things to life in 3d as per our visualization and art direction.
We further created the webpage and overall visual vocabulary for the brand. TREK team also added an international certification of VS to the brand, which is a huge USP as Trek is the 1st Indian brand to have the certificate.