Ultra Internation Limited is one of the pioneers of the business of Flavours and Fragrances in India. It is one of the oldest brands across the globe to establish its success story, known across the fragrance and flavor world, where every chapter is marked by innovation. No wonder, that their innovative approach to meet customers and expectations has won them national as well as international business accolades.

It is nearly a 100 years old brand and it was a prestigious project for us to handle. Especially since we were changing the indeed & brand language of a brand well established.
Understanding the sentiments and alignment to their earlier ideas and the logotype, we came up with something that the decision-makers at UI really liked, then we went on to expand the visual language across all communication.
other than working with the graphical elements, colors, fonts for communication, we also stretched ourselves to draw a few illustrations expressing the love for the work they do for all the three major categories of Fragrances, flavors, and essential oils.s The illustrations were made using the ingredients of each section and to fit into the logo form, replacing the leaf with the artwork.