In our modern structure of life, food with perfect hygiene, nutritional value and delicious taste, as it could be, is a rare commodity. Especially for toddlers. Heena, founder of “Make My Wishbox” came up with such a concept and a lot of experience in F&B and backend that can support such a noble imagination. The concept is not just Nobel but also to flesh up a great business idea but having said that the idea was to get deeper into what makes our “little clients” happy & healthy.
The layers of research tell us that we were not doing this for one end client but a gamut of different likings and preferences, that actually shapes up the whole deliverable pack. Menus that shall provide satisfaction to all kinds.

So when we got to the drawing board, we realised that the design had to be a dynamic one, just like the product, it needs to be liked by all our end clients. The whole idea from Concept to the end product was backed and reasoned by love, which made us represent it in the most obvious way a “heart” but the fine lines of design and the communication we developed made the whole project come across as really unique.

We designed each piece of communication very carefully getting into the minds of our young audience, helping the brand do really well. Packaging was done as a dynamic system to fit the design & production requirements as well as something that remains new to the kids, each time they receive their box. The design application on print as well as on the web has come alive and the brand and we together are planning newer ways to communicate better to our little stars and to make a better WishBox for them.