The NorthCap University is a prestigious private university, situated in Gurugram, Haryana. We were approached to redesign their website, one of the most vital aspects of any university brand. A university website not only creates a first impression for the students but for the parents as well, and plays a crucial role in the admission process.

Our challenge was to create a concise version of the old website, which was data-heavy and had a large number of pages. After an extensive study of their original website, we re-structured all the data in its entirety. A system design was created, which was applied for all the four schools of the university. This not only reduced the number of webpages considerably, but also neatly structured the information in a well-designed format. The visual vocabulary is contemporary, but at the same time, attentive to the information presented for the target audience.


StarSteels initiated its operations with R&D going through the early phases. In 2020 they planned to launch the brand in dubai. Start steels’ core idea is to involve newer technologies in the product as well as in the formation of new kids of the product keeping in mind the various design explorations happens in the sector of construction in Dubai. They came to us with the idea of a branding that must look cohesive to the company’s core principles

We experimented with many forms and constantly reevaluated the concept. We finally got  a form that transcended itself into various forms of a singular visual vocabulary.

The logotype was done with the same idea of  keeping the modern approach in mind and also the fact that the brand is going to experiment with technology.

The various forms of the visual vocabulary can be seen across it’s collaterals. We are working on the marketing aspect of the brand where we will talk much more in detail about each of its products and how the market is going to gain from the strength of this brand.












Omega Steels

Omega Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of Steel Bars in Sudan. Built on the values of reliability and quality, Omega Steel has become one of the most trusted suppliers to the construction industry in Sudan. With a production capacity of over 350 MT per day, Omega Steel can provide consistent and dependable supply for your projects.

Run by an international team of professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 300 years in the metals manufacturing industry, and backed by Italian steelmaking technology, Omega Steel manufactures quality steel that is compliant not only with Sudanese standards, but also with British and Indian standards. Given our management’s rich experience in specialised steelmaking in India and in other parts of Africa, we bring world-class levels of service and quality to Sudan. We are one of Sudan’s few integrated manufacturers – with full control over the steelmaking process – right from scrap up to finished products. Our melt-shop allows us to monitor chemistry and quality from the beginning up to the end.”

Omega steel-01

Our Perspective:
” To do a rebranding, that too for a company, which is running successfully for a decade. We started brainstorming from the core value of the brand that says ” strength & safety”. We started with the research on the icon, and the logotype. and after a rigorous work of 3 – 4 weeks we came to the final form. The ask was to give a new form, yet retaining the old face value and also live up to the mark of being a known brand”

Omega steel-02

Omega steel-03

Omega steel-04

Omega steel-05

Omega steel-06

Omega steel-08

Omega steel-09

Omega steel-10

Omega steel-11

Omega steel-12

Omega steel-13


Presenting the first packaged smoothie brand to be retailed in the country, Smuze.
Unlike options currently available in the market, this smoothie is made entirely out of fruit juices, without any milk products and artificial sweeteners. A key property to guide the visual language for the brand.

For their release in India, the communication framework had to start from scratch. We brainstormed a unique name which would effectively convey the product’s highlights. The name “Smuze” was coined for a refreshing and filling beverage which one can grab on-the-go in their active lifestyle.

The logotype shapes rounded sans-serif typeface in small captions, the alphabet ‘u’ turns into an affirming smile. Composite copy has been used across the dynamic and playful brand language for print and digital mediums. Together they effectively communicate an overall friendly appeal of the brand. With the variety of flavours offered by the product, our visual language also extended to play around within each of these with different units within a flavour.

We worked closely with the production team to develop the appearance and shape and size of the bottle The smile symbol from the logo imprinted on the bottle caps adds more nuances to build recognition of the brand in a retail arrangement, while the attractive bottles can be spotted from a farther distance. A website curating engaging content and communication has also been developed for Smuze along with developing a marketing strategy for the product. We have also been strongly involved in art directing the marketing for the brand for its further strategy for communication online and on-ground.

web new 2 copy 013 web new 1 11-12-07

13.1fruits smileymango art smuze 3 banana straw art smuze1 orange guava art smuze 2 a-gif fruze-05 copy laptop amuze 6 17.1giff


Launched in October 2012, the Ashdeen label specializes in hand-embroidered saris that are inspired by centuries of Oriental and Persian hand embroidery techniques, craft and craftsmanship. The intricacies of these techniques are rendered flawlessly by a team of 150 craftspersons. Ashdeen creations have been featured in various fashion publications and worn by celebrity actresses and industrialists. They have also been shown at the Lakme Fashion Weeks in Mumbai (spring-summer 2013 and 2014, and winter-festive).

We were tasked with re-doing the Ashdeen brand – beginning with the logo and logo mark, to building a brand language, stationary, and finally packaging.






The brand we created is sleek, minimal, and extremely striking. Using a combination of black, white, and gold, we think the new brand language truly emulates the elegant clothes they represent and would make any of the brand’s esteemed customers want to take further interest in the brand.

We made a set of illustrations using elements which were either taken from or derivatives of various prints and patterns seen in Ashdeen collections.


These illustrations then went on to define the brand, becoming very central to the language across most collaterals.





board zoom

board leaves





paper bag




Presenting a pop of flavour, with Spichi. A packaged condiment & concentrates brand, with a variety of sauces to spice up your kitchen.

The communication wireframe had to be mapped out right from the beginning of the project. We were told to brand it like a mass market product, yet polished with clean design sensibility. We began by coming up with a product-specific name that directly suggests the ethos of the product. The name Spichi is short for “Spicy Chinese” – something which we feel has been embodied into the base and condiment dipping sauces. They are developed to bring the real essence of chinese flavors; whether it is to a hearty cooked meal at home or a gourmet dish at a pan Asian restaurant.

Unlike other products currently available in the market these base cooking pastes and condiment sauces provide any Chef assistance in reducing prep time as they are made using only fresh products. Spichi Sauces and Pastes are being used by many marquee clients in the B2B Horeca space Nationwide and are used in a number of Hotels, Banquets, Caterers, QSR’s and fine dine restaurants. Spichi is made by Chefs, for Chefs! We added the tagline, “your secret sauces”, to highlight this fact.

The communication was designed keeping the mass market feel of the product in mind. The logotype is stacked in a grid arrangement to resemble oriental script characters in a contemporary fashion. Accompanied by a Devanagari script version alongside, that would not just make the buyer feel at home, but also place the product in a different pedestal. A product specific brand language has been created – using different herbs/ingredients as elements of the design language. Together the design elements effectively communicate an overall appeal of the brand. With the variety of flavors offered by the product, our visual language extended to play around within each of these – using different units for each flavor, along with a variety of colours to give each of them a unique identity. We worked closely with the production team in order to build the appearance, shape and structure of the sachets. Spichi offers it’s B2B in the market since Dec 2017, with the B2C yet to hit the retail market.

Spice up your meal with this secret ingredient, it packs quite a ‘spichi’ punch!

spichi_for pmd website
spichi_for pmd website
spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website

spichi_for pmd website


City Surf 2.0

You name it and they have it. With over 400 Buy 1 Get 1 free vouchers, CitySurf steps into the digital world with its brand new app. Previously with 2 successful editions CitySurf brings all the fantastic deals of the town to this app.

A new look for a new medium. CitySurf underwent a makeover this year. The studio was a part of the rebranding of CitySurf 1.0, where we were asked to create a new look on the same principle of gift wrapping happiness and celebrating each and everyday as a festival. Not only the rebranding but the studio also designed the first ever version of the app which gives you access to some unbelievable deals in the town.

CitySurf just got some new skin, from bold and strong to casual and young, exactly what CitySurf embraces. The entire app is divided into 4 major categories. Every category is symbolised by an icon here. Not just the categories but each and every page has been given attention to detail.










Multiple screen02

Multiple screen


Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is well-known global lifestyle company operating worldwide. Started in United Kingdom back in 1908, it made its way to India in 1985. Our task was to redesign the former brand language to promote their new range of shoes, which at the same time reflects the British roots of the brand.

We achieved that by taking on a comprehensive approach and drawing inspiration from geometric forms prevalent in the structural formation of the iconic London bridges. Incorporating elements/shapes like the “rhombus” that are representative of the brand. We formulated abstract patterns based on an isometric grid and followed a distinct color scheme. Tone of voice and copy lines further communicate the unique attributes of the brand.







The design language was taken forward while designing the catalogue for Lee Cooper’s Autumn Winter Collection of 2015.

7.2 copy 2



The design language was also applied across other advertising mediums, during the festive season.




Founded in 2014, New Delhi based Circle of Life Healthcare Private Limited is a technology enabled healthcare startup, which aims to simplify in-patient healthcare delivery solutions in emerging markets, through its mobile application ‘myCOL’.

Taking the founder’s vision into consideration, i.e. to democratize and remove the fear which patients and caretakers feel when approaching a hospital for an in-patient procedure, we derived the  identity. A circular loop like formation, that appears almost infinite symbolises an ongoing healthy connection between the customer (the patients) and the service provider (the hospitals).

Apart from working extensively on their mobile application, we designed the website as well Which like the app not only helps users to search information regarding hospitals, doctors or procedures. Provides verified and unbiased information of all medical facilities through a map based search. But also, allows users to book an on-site assistant to help them at different stages of hospitalisation.










Brainpan Innovations

Brainpan Solutions is a new startup that brings together an interdisciplinary team of Computational Scientists, Computer Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Medical Professionals. Aimed towards bridging the gap between Life Sciences and other research disciplines.

Deriving inspiration from company’s core philosophy i.e. rapid innovation, we created a form that appears to be ever evolving, like an impossible object. We then created a complimentary custom typeface for the logotype that could be used across the different collaterals. Furthermore we also worked on their website.











Welcome to the Sweet Life!

Bayleaf Wellness brings to you Lyta – Stevia, Sucralose and Original. With these products, it is now possible to lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste or quality.

Lyta – Stevia, Sucralose and Original are being launched in the 1gm tabletop sachet and 100gm home pack.  Lyta products have been made using the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver a world-class product. Modern day diets, rich in sugar, have led to various health issues like diabetes. Lyta allows you to indulge yourselves without guilt and continue to LIVE A SWEET LIFE.

LYTA – A name derived from the word “LIGHT”. For Lyta, we absorbed the characteristics  from the word itself and reflected it through the branding. The packaging design for Lyta was also a part of the project where we kept the visual language and packaging of the product very light and organic. We followed the same communication language to derive the website for lyta.









When it comes to your social life, you must know everything happening “NEAR” you. Nearify unravels all the interesting things happening within a 50 km radius around you on a single platform and also allows you to choose what you like, based on your preferences.

Remember rolling your hands and ogling at something far off and pretending your hands to be binoculars? Fetching movements from the past, Nearify is a fusion of minimal and Idea. The core concept behind the identity was to illustrate – getting everything from around the globe, to YOU, at your location, in your hands.

We made their brand identity and henceforth the other important design deliverables like the design for the website and app.


04 Silver-Gold-Classic Letterpress



IMG_1248 copy





“GO DOCTOR” is an exclusive medical collaboration platform for doctors. A dynamic and ever evolving social hub and knowledge repository.

The key message i.e. continuity and connectivity of thoughts and ideas is exemplified through its bold and straightforward identity design.  For the brand language, we used a vibrant color scheme to consolidate the idea of  a “new and one of it’s kind” social platform. We also designed templates for the website. 








Quantta is a data and business analytics company that uses statistical data and maps to interpret and visualize data into actionable insight.

The identity based on the top view of a shell conch, that also appears to be a pointer communicates a bold figurative language and visualizes the vision that represents Quantta i.e. to transform the retail industry by their location analytics through dedicated efforts. Their solid red color tells the story of a modern company whose here to deliver. Apart from the print collaterals, we also designed templates for their website.








Curtainwalla is a custom window treatments company. With its large range of luxury textile and interior design experts, Curtainwalla wants to change the way people shop for their homes by letting them be in charge. One has to simply measure their windows, chose a textile and curtainwalla insures you get curtains better than you imagined.

We did brand identity and website design for them.

logo 01









WEB9 copy